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Golden Feet Kennel

I am a Veterinarian, I look after each of our Goldens Retrievers as if they were my children.
We are a very close family where everyone does their part in the kennel. First of all my grandfather 
and grandmother, it was the people who made it all possible, it was they who gave us the space and the whole construction of the kennel, besides they were the ones who taught the whole family to always love and respect the animals. My middle sister helps me in the part of customer service and social media, my mother and aunt supervise the cleaning and feeding of all dogs, my younger sister already helps me in childbirth, guidance to clients and general care with all they and my father takes care of the deliveries of the puppies in other cities and airports. That is, we are present in their lives every day. 

Our love for the Golden Retriever breed began with our eldest Jolie, she came to brighten up the life of my sister, Tatiane, who suffered from depression. Jolie really changed our lives, but at 4 months she became very sick and we almost lost her. It was months fighting, at the time, I was in the last year of veterinary medicine and thanks to a new study, we managed to save her, even with sequels. Those who visit us have the privilege of meeting our little warrior (and her private couch rsrs).

After falling in love with Jolie, our love for the breed only grew, I graduated in the area and together with the support of the whole family, we decided to open the Golden Feet Kennel. Our kennel is familiar, we created inside the house of my grandfathers, or rather, the goldens house now!

We have as philosophy to deliver love wrapped in hair.

In the kennel all births are attended, the matrices and studs are perfectly vaccinated and dewormed. All our dogs are healthy and have dysplasia tests within the correct standards for breeding.

Our clients become our friends and send us pictures of our babies. We open our house and our home to every customer who comes here to meet us.

Our Golden puppies have contact with our family from the moment they are born, to the moment they leave for their new homes. So always remember that each puppy delivered, is a piece of our heart that is going along with them and there is no value that pays.

Talita Dib
CRMV/SP 32840


The choice of our puppies is made from the 45 days of life, by order of reserve, so individual photos of the puppies only after that date.
Our kennel is in a place in the middle of the bush, literally rsrs, so there is no cell phone signal, only the internet, so to get in touch with us send a message through WhatsApp, we can hardly get phone calls.
We sell dogs for company, not for breeding. We do not deliver puppies castrated for not indicating early castration, but castrating at the ideal age brings millions of benefits to the dog in the long time. ♥️


Buddy Sunny

Buddy x Sunny

Birth: 02/20/2021

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Buddy x Sunny

Birth: 02/20/2021
Males: 2
Females: 1
Available: 1

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